Pros & Cons of Different Water Well Equipment

Submersible Pump

  • More gallons per minute and pressure
  • More efficient with electric power
  • No priming pump is already in the water
  • More reliable
  • Not well suited in a shallow well
  • Could pump more water than the well produces
  • Does not withstand abrasion from sand
  • Will over heat in a run dry condition 

Jet Pump

  • Prefect for shallow wells
  • Efficient in power and delivery in shallow wells
  • Shallow wells are usually 25’ or less
  • Not efficient over 25’ using the deep well jet
  • Does not produce much water and uses more electricity because it requires a bigger motor to pull the water up.
  • Jet pump requires priming if the pressure goes down or runs out of water
  • Not very reliable

Bladder or diaphragm type pressure tanks

  • Continuous pressure
  • Uses all the water every cycle
  • Annual maintenance
  • If the tank fails and fills with water it becomes trapped and makes the tank impossible to drain and very heavy to remove

Air to Water Galvanized Pressure Tank

  • Cheaper in price for initial purchase
  • Works well with iron removal system
  • Becomes water logged any time the air charge is not sufficient
  • Not what would be recommended  

Constant Pressure System

  • Constant pressure
  • Fits in a small space no huge pressure tank required
  • Uses a 3 phase motor with single phase power which allows variable speed so the pump only produces what is being called for
  • Best performer for irrigation or fire sprinklers
  • Pump runs even to draw a glass of water
  • New technology