Mountain View Pumps & Filtration - FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the time line on getting on the schedule?
Depends on the severity of the situation, IE…out of water vs. service work, normal service appointment will usually be made in 5 to 7 days.

What are the payment options?
Visa, MasterCard, Check or Cash, due at time of service

Do you use a state certified lab for required water analysis?

What is a water well report?
It's a document that the driller fills out with information like the depth of the well, static level of the water in the well, gallons per minute, what kind of materials the driller encountered and if the well has a screen or liner pipe.

How can I find a well water report?
On the Department of Ecology web site:

What minerals are in the water that makes it taste bad and stain my fixtures?
Iron & Manganese, which cause staining, Tannin, which is decade vegetation causes water to be yellow, PH, high PH is alkaline water, low PH is acidic water which can eat a way your copper pips 7.0 is natural, Hardness, high hardness causes your glass ware & shower doors to get white calcium build up on them and Sulfur can cause a rotten egg odor. There are a variety of purification systems, water filters, conditioners, softeners, sanitizers that can help solve this problem.

When considering purchasing a home with a well what should I have checked?
Get a water analysis to be sure the water is pure and a flow test with a draw down and recovery (lets you know gpm and recovery rate). Have the system checked out by a professional to ensure the condition of the pump tank and filtration equipment.

What does raw water mean?
Water from the well that is not filtered.

What are your hours of operation and do you serve my area?
Our hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm We service Tacoma, Puyallup, Spanaway, Roy, Eatonville & surrounding areas in Western Washington.

Do I need a flow test for the health department?
Not if you have a water well report with a bailer or air test on it.