Water System - Probable Remedy Guide

For proplems with your jet pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, tanks, purification systems, water filters, conditioners, softeners, sanitizers, please check out our Remedy Guide. If you need more help or further information, call or email us and we'll be glad to help.

Problem Probable Cause Probable Remedy
No water No Power, broken water line, pump not running Check breaker/ fuses or pressure switch, repair the break, check motor control box
Low pressure Pressure tank water logged, sediment filter/ filtration plugged, crack in the water line Air charge pressure tank to 2lbs under start up pressure when tank is empty, clean or replace filter, repair crack.
Pump runs most of the time Water logged tank, hole in drop pipe, check valve not working, pump is worn out Air charge pressure tank, pull pump repair hole in pipe, pull pump replace check valve, replace pump
To much air in the lines Hole in drop pipe, check valve not working, air volume control not releasing Pull pump repair pipe, replace check valve, and replace air volume control
Scale in pipes and water heater; soap curd on fixtures, tile, dishes and laundry low sudsing Hardness
(Calcium & Magnesium)
Removal by ion exchange softener
Discolored water; red, brown, orange or black stains on fixtures, appliances and laundry Iron/ Manganese Low level (up to.5ppm) removal by ion exchange softener. When hardness is also present it is best removed by oxidizing iron filter with aeration. Chlorination followed by filtration in some cases.
Same general affects as above Iron/ Manganese/ Sulfur Bacteriaplus slimy deposits that form in pumps, pipes, softeners and toilet tank; Rotten egg odor possible Iron/ Manganese/ Sulfur Bacteria Best removed by chlorination followed by filtration
Corrosive water attacks piping and other metals; red and or green staining of fixtures and laundry Acid water
(low PH)
Best corrected by neutralizing filters or soda ash feeding

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